Wednesday, March 6, 2013

today's classic

When the term "classic film" comes to mind, you probably think back to the 50s, or sometime behind us, but definitely not the 2000s. But the thing is, the industry is cranking out some phenomenal films that will someday be viewed as "the classics".

It's hard to think of our time as an era of goodness when we live in a world with dangerous people and ideas. Most people will look into the past for Hollywood's golden age. But what if our todays are the golden days; we're just too absorbed to notice?

Although a great deal of films these days are rubbish, there are a few that capture the essence of a good film. These stand out. These will become classics one day.

So what makes a 21st century classic a 21st century classic?

For me, a truly classic film doesn't have to have a complex story, or a simple story. The story just has to be told in an artistic way. Think of your favorite movie. By the time the credits were rolling, did you have absolutely all of the answers? Probably not. Storytelling isn't supposed to give you all of the story. Gaps are necessary. Even if they're just little ones. If a story is told well, it isn't handed right to you.

Recently, I had a debate with a friend on whether The Notebook should be considered a classic. I believe that it is, firstly, because it is so embedded into our culture. When a woman thinks of a perfect love story or the perfect couple,  Allie and Noah quickly appear. The story of their love is so simple, yet an intricately woven web.

Do you think that The Notebook is a 21st century classic?
What other films from the 2000s are classics?

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